10 AOR recommended masterpieces [representative and hidden masterpieces].

In this issue, we have created a ranking of the best AOR songs.

AOR is a music genre often used in Japan.

The term refers to the sophisticated, urban sound around 1980.

There are many great songs in AOR, and there are many more great songs besides these 10.

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Please understand that it may be difficult to read.

No.1 Alan Sorrenti「Try to Imagine」(Album:Sienteme, It’s Time to Land)

2位 Alan Sorrenti「Try to Imagine」(Album:Sienteme, It’s Time to Land)

■Artist Name:Alan Sorrenti
■Song Title:Try to Imagine
■Album Name:Sienteme, It’s Time to Land
■Video link:Alan Sorrenti「Try to Imagine」

The horn section in the intro gives a positive impression.

Alan Sorrenti’s bright vocals join in.

The female chorus is also wonderful.

Alan Sorrenti is an Italian musician who decided to move to the United States to start his music career.

This is the first album released in the US.

The name of the album conveys his enthusiasm, don’t you think?


No.2 Robbie Dupree「Steal Away」(Album:Robbie Dupree)

3位 Robbie Dupree「Steal Away」(Album:Robbie Dupree)

■Artist Name:Robbie Dupree
■Song Title:Steal Away
■Album Name:Robbie Dupree
■Video link:Robbie Dupree「Steal Away」

This song by Robbie Dupree is a well-known AOR song.

This song also has a distinctive intro.

Electric piano fades in. Solid drum playing.

The rhythmic arrangement of this song is similar to “What a Fool Believes” by The Doobie Brothers.

Great soulful vocals as well.


No.3 David Pomeranz「The Old Songs」(Album:The Truth of Us)

5位 David Pomeranz「The Old Songs」(Album:The Truth of Us)

■Artist Name:David Pomeranz
■Song Title:The Old Songs
■Album Name:The Truth of Us
■Video link:David Pomeranz「The Old Songs」

This time it is one of the best ballads in AOR.

Two people whose hearts are already on the verge of breaking apart.

A man who wants to recapture their old relationship is about to sing an old song in front of his girlfriend.

He wants to remind her of their good old days together.

The piano intro of the song seems to express the man’s firmness of feeling.

David Pomeranz’s sad vocals are wonderful.


No.4 Jules Broussard「Got to Be the Only One」(Album:Jules Broussard)

6位 Jules Broussard「Got to Be the Only One」(Album:Jules Broussard)

■Artist Name:Jules Broussard
■Song Title:Got to Be the Only One
■Album Name:Jules Broussard
■Video link:Jules Broussard「Got to Be the Only One」

Jules Broussard is an American saxophonist.

His saxophone plays an active role in places.

Vocals may be weak compared to the other songs in the ranking.

However, the charm of the song and the saxophone at 1:43 are not to be missed.

The Latin-tinged piano at 2:35 is also a nice touch.


No.5 Airplay「She Waits for Me」(Album:Airplay)

8位 Airplay「She Waits for Me」(Album:Airplay)

■Artist Name:Airplay
■Song Title:She Waits for Me
■Album Name:Airplay
■Video link:Airplay「She Waits for Me」

David Foster and Jay Graydon teamed up for this Album.

It is a famous AOR album.

If you want to know what AOR is, please listen to this song.

Actually, I was quite torn between this song and “Leave Me Alone”.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to go with this song.

Jay Graydon’s guitar plays very well on this song.


No.6 Brian Elliot「Let’s Just Live Together」(Album:Brian Elliot)

9位 Brian Elliot「Let’s Just Live Together」(Album:Brian Elliot)

■Artist Name:Brian Elliot
■Song Title:Let’s Just Live Together
■Album Name:Brian Elliot
■Video link:Brian Elliot「Let’s Just Live Together」

Brian Elliot was the producer of The Lovin’ Spoonful.

Today, this album is regarded as an AOR masterpiece.

But in the past, he was not so well known.

As is often said, he is not a very good singer.

After that, he became more well-known.

In terms of albums, this album is one of my favorite AOR albums and one of my top 3.


No.7 Marty Balin「Music Is the Light」(Album:Balin)

10位 Marty Balin「Music Is the Light」(Album:Balin)

■Artist Name:Marty Balin
■Song Title:Music Is the Light
■Album Name:Balin
■Video link:Marty Balin「Music Is the Light」

Marty Balin’s Album is best known for the song “Hearts”.

However, I prefer this song.

It starts off with a gloomy atmosphere.

This guy was the vocalist of Jefferson Airplane.

The bitterness of the vocals makes this song a classic.


No.8 Turley Richards「I Will」(Album:West Virginia Superstar)


■Artist Name:Turley Richards
■Song Title:I Will
■Album Name:West Virginia Superstar
■Video link:Turley Richards「I Will」

The man released a single in 1959.

I know him from his previous album “Expressions”.

In the previous album, the music was more singer-songwriter-like.

In this Album, the first in 5 years, the sound has changed to a more sophisticated sound.

Well, this song has a great intro guitar.

After this album, he released another album called “Therfu”.

I also recommend that album, which has a more relaxed style.


No.9 Dane Donohue「Casablanca」(Album:Dane Donohue)


■Artist Name:Dane Donohue
■Song Title:Casablanca
■Album Name:Dane Donohue
■Video link:Dane Donohue「Casablanca」

This is a man who has participated in the rock musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

He then got the chance to record this recording.

However, this Album did not sell well.

The performance of this song is excellent, and Victor Feldman’s vibraphone is wonderful at 2:44.

Then at 3:27, Larry Carlton’s guitar solo is passionate.


No.10 Russ Ballard「What Does It Take」(Album:At The Third Stroke)


■Artist Name:Russ Ballard
■Song Title:What Does It Take
■Album Name:At The Third Stroke
■Video link:Russ Ballard「What Does It Take」

He was originally a member of Rod Argent’s band, Argent.

However, he later became a professional composer and provided many hit songs.

Rainbow’s “I Surrender” and “Since You Been Gone” were written by him.

His songwriting ability is also demonstrated in his own Album.

However, as far as this song is concerned, he is also talented as a vocalist.

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