Francis Lai’s 10 Greatest Songs and Greatest Discs (Representative Songs and Hidden Masterpieces)

This time, I created a ranking of Francis Ray.

His music has beautiful melodies anyway.

While it works well as movie music, I think many of his songs can be enjoyed without movies.

Please enjoy his romantic melodies.

Francis Ray has published many works in his lifetime.

Although he is no longer with us, I believe that his songs will continue to be talked about.


No.1「Un homme et une femme(A Man and a Woman)(Instrumental)」(Album:Un homme et une femme(A Man and a Woman))


■Song Title:Un homme et une femme(A Man and a Woman)(Instrumental)
■Album Name:Un homme et une femme(A Man and a Woman)
■Video link:「Un homme et une femme(A Man and a Woman)(Instrumental)」

Even if you’ve never seen the movie, you’ve probably heard this song.

It may even be the most famous scat song in the world.

However, the movie is also wonderful, and it is not just the music that makes it a good movie.

It is a great movie about adult love directed by Claude Lelouch.

The scat parts are by Pierre Barouh and Nicole Croisille.

The other version, “200 km/h”, is also great, so here’s a link to it.

Francis Lai – A 200 a l’heure(124 Miles An Hour)

The tempo is faster than the main theme, which is impressive.


No.2「13 jours en France (Orchestra)」(Album:13 jours en France)


■Song Title:13 jours en France (Orchestra)
■Album Name:13 jours en France
■Video link:「13 jours en France (Orchestra)」

This film is a documentary of the Grenoble Winter Olympics.

It is a documentary film about the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, and the original title is rather bland.

I would like to introduce you to “White Lovers (Chorus Version)” as well.

Francis Lai – 13 jours en France (Choeurs)

However, I wonder if it’s okay for a documentary film to be so romantic.

I think it’s a very French song.


No.3「Samba Saravah」(Album:Un homme et une femme(A Man and a Woman))


■Song Title:Samba Saravah
■Album Name:Un homme et une femme(A Man and a Woman)
■Video link:「Samba Saravah」

This song is sung by Pierre Ballou.

The song was written not by Francis Ray, but by Vinícius De Moraes and Baden Powell.

Pierre Ballou is an important figure for Francis Ray.

It was Pierre Ballou who introduced Francis Ray to director Claude Lelouch.

The soundtrack of this film is the first film music work that Francis Ley did.

With Pierre Ballou, a master of French cinema was born.


No.4「Mayerling Ouverture(Bof Mayerling)」(Album:Mayerling)


■Song Title:Mayerling Ouverture(Bof Mayerling)
■Album Name:Mayerling
■Video link:「Mayerling Ouverture(Bof Mayerling)」

The top songs were all mondo/lounge and bossa nova-like.

Here are some orchestral songs that sound like film music.

This one is my favorite of all.

This is a movie based on the tragic ending of the Meierling case.

When I looked up the Meyerling case, I forgot to write an article and got lost in it.

The song foreshadows the tragic future of the two, but also expresses their passionate love with a sweet melody.


No.5「Vivre pour vivre」(Album:Vivre pour vivre(Live for Life))


■Song Title:Vivre pour vivre
■Album Name:Vivre pour vivre(Live for Life)
■Video link:「Vivre pour vivre」

Francis Ray’s work on “Man and Woman” was met with great acclaim around the world.

In response, this film, also directed by Claude Lelouch, was produced.

The film is about a man who enjoys a love affair with a young model, despite the fact that he has a wife.

It can be said that the theme of this movie is adultery.

This album also contains another great song called “Theme de Robert”.

Francis Lai – Theme de Robert

Robert is the name of the man who is having an affair.

In the “Theme de Robert” video, scenes from the movie are used to make you feel like you’ve seen the movie.

If you are interested in movies, please check it out.


No.6「Du soleil plein les yeux」(Album:Du soleil plein les yeux)


■Song Title:Du soleil plein les yeux
■Album Name:Du soleil plein les yeux
■Video link:「Du soleil plein les yeux」

This is a song from a coming-of-age movie.

The director is not Claude Lelouch, but Michel Boisrond, also a French director.

The main character has an affair, and things are getting awkward between him and his girlfriend.

French films seem to love the theme of cheating.

This song has a feeling of summer sunshine and the sparkle of the sun.

Francis Ray is really good at expressing the content of the movie in his songs.


No.7「Les Violons De La Mort」(Album:Les Uns et les autres)


■Song Title:Les Violons De La Mort
■Album Name:Les Uns et les autres
■Video link:「Les Violons De La Mort」

This song is from “Les Uns et les Autres” directed by my ally Claude Lelouch.

The film has music by Francis Ley and Michel Legrand.

The film’s soundtrack was a two-disc set, and the use of Ravel’s Bolero was much talked about.

However, that song is by Michel Legrand, so I will not discuss it here.

Instead, I would like to introduce you to this song.

It is a wonderful song with accordion and strings.

I also saw this movie and was very moved by the ballet scene.


No.8「Theme From Love Story (Finale)」(Album:Love Story)


■Song Title:Theme From Love Story (Finale)
■Album Name:Love Story
■Video link:「Theme From Love Story (Finale)」

Film music needs to express the content of the movie.

Sad songs are played for sad scenes.

However, Francis Ray’s film music seems to have many songs that can be enjoyed on their own.

In this respect, he may be similar to Morricone.

This music is used in a variety of situations, including television.

Francis Ray’s music is also active outside of movies.




■Song Title:Rainbow
■Album Name:Bilitis
■Video link:「Rainbow」

Now let’s take a look at a slightly different song.

This movie is famous for its main theme.

Let me quote it here.

Francis Lai ‎– Bilitis

It’s a synthesizer piece, but it’s one of my favorite pieces.

Film music composers are required to have a wide variety of music.

Film music composers are required to have many different kinds of music, not only orchestral works, but also rock and funk.


No.10「Party Music / Show Out !」(Album:Pop Story)


■Song Title:Party Music / Show Out !
■Album Name:Pop Story
■Video link:「Party Music / Show Out !」

I would like to highlight one more unusual song.

It’s a French pop song recorded between 1968 and 1971.

Finally, I would like to introduce a few songs that I could not cover.

First of all, I would like to start with one of their masterpieces, “La Lecon particuliere”.

Francis Lai ‎– La Lecon Particuliere

Here’s another sexy song from “Emmanuelle 2”.

Francis Lai ‎– La séduction de l’île de Bali

Francis Ray has published many works in his lifetime.

Although he is no longer with us, I believe that his songs will continue to be talked about.

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