Jennifer Lopez’s 10 Greatest Songs and Greatest Discs (Representative Songs and Hidden Masterpieces)

In this article, we have created a ranking of Jennifer Lopez.

She has many different charms.

She is a top notch R&B singer and sometimes dancer.

I like the songs sung in Spanish.

Please enjoy her glamorous charm.

This blog is an automatic translation of a Japanese blog into English.

Please understand that it may be difficult to read.

No.1「Jenny from the Block(featuring Styles P and Jadakiss)」(Album:This Is Me… Then)


■Song Title:Jenny from the Block(featuring Styles P and Jadakiss)
■Album Name:This Is Me… Then
■Video link:「Jenny from the Block(featuring Styles P and Jadakiss)」

This is the first single from the third album.

The song samples “Watch Out Now” by The Beatnuts.

She was a relatively late bloomer; she was a month shy of turning 30 when her first album was released.

Beyonce was born in 1981 and Jennifer was born in 1969, so they were 12 years apart.

It seems that she was trying to project a mature appeal with this album.

This song is an up-tempo song with the same image as before, but it reached #3 on the US charts.

The next single, “All I Have,” was a slower song and reached number one in the US.

After this, she started to sing more slow songs, but in retrospect, I think this was the turning point.

She was a late bloomer, so she didn’t have much time to spare.

She was a late bloomer, so she didn’t have a lot of time to spare, but in that limited time, she managed to make many hits and successfully change her image.


No.2「No Me Ames(duet with Marc Anthony)(Tropical Remix)」(Album:On the 6)


■Song Title:No Me Ames(duet with Marc Anthony)
■Album Name:On the 6
■Video link:「No Me Ames(duet with Marc Anthony)(Tropical Remix)」

The first Album is the one that I am personally most attached to.

I am a big fan of her Spanish songs, and I think they are a great accent to the many English songs.

In this song, she duets with a big Latin singer, Marc Anthony.

In this song, the two passionately show off their love for each other.

The woman sings that she can’t help loving the man, and the man sings that he can’t help loving me.

What does this mean?

The man says, “Don’t love me because I’ll make you suffer.

Jennifer later married Marc Anthony.


No.3「Adios」(Album:Como Ama una Mujer)


■Song Title:Adios
■Album Name:Como Ama una Mujer
■Video link:「Adios」

This is a song where you can taste her charm as a singer.

I was a little disappointed with this album, as it had been a long time since I had heard a Latin album.

This album has been a long time coming, and all the songs are sung in Spanish.

As I can say with Gloria Estefan, ballads sung by Latin female singers have a mysterious charm.

Jennifer’s flamboyant side is often emphasized.

In this song, however, you can taste her unpretentious charm.

At 3:09, when the chorus sings instead of Jennifer, it gives me goose bumps.


No.4「Get Right」(Album:Rebirth)


■Song Title:Get Right
■Album Name:Rebirth
■Video link:「Get Right」

The song is long before it starts, but the jazzy intro at the 1:17 mark is cool.

It is a masterpiece of jazzy hip-hop along with “Medicine”.

The original song, which features a saxophone phrase, is “Soul Power 74” by Maceo & the Macks.

That song was also originally a cover of a James Brown song, though.

Rich Harrison, who is famous for producing Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love”, used it as a loop.

She also shows her skills as a dancer in the music video for this song.

She was originally a dancer, and was a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson.


No.5「I’m Real(featuring Ja Rule)」(Album:J.Lo)


■Song Title:I’m Real(featuring Ja Rule)
■Album Name:J.Lo
■Video link:「I’m Real(featuring Ja Rule)」

This album was originally named “The Passionate Journey”.

However, in her opinion, it was decided to change it to her nickname.

J.Lo” in the album title.

This Album is the best selling of her Albums, but it also seems to be the most complete in terms of content.

If you’re not sure which of her albums to buy, this one is a good place to start.

The album is full of highly accomplished dance numbers, Latin songs, and a total sense of perfection.

The distinctive synthesizer in this song is sampled from Yellow Magic Orchestra’s song “Firecracker”.




■Song Title:Brave
■Album Name:Brave
■Video link:「Brave」

She was having trouble during this period.

Her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, published an exposé book against the agreement of the divorce.

In the book, she wrote about her personal life, including her sex life, in an unvarnished manner.

She fought it in court and won the case in August 2007.

The album was released two months later, in October 2007.

She was also pregnant with twins at that time.

It must have been a very difficult time for her.

In this song, she sings about her determination to face the challenges with courage.


No.7「Medicine(featuring French Montana)」(Single Only)


■Song Title:Medicine(featuring French Montana)
■Video link:「Medicine(featuring French Montana)」

The song is performed with her and fellow Bronx rapper French Montana.

This is the most recent song I’ve mentioned and was released as a single only in 2019.

She has been actively releasing singles in recent years.

In 2018, for example, she released as many as six singles, all of which have not been recorded on Album.

I think Album alone is not enough to understand her activities in recent years.

This song is one of the most amazing songs I’ve heard in recent years.


No.8「All I Have(featuring LL・Cool・J)」(Album:This Is Me… Then)


■Song Title:All I Have(featuring LL・Cool・J)
■Album Name:This Is Me… Then
■Video link:「All I Have(featuring LL・Cool・J)」

This song is based on “Very Special” by Debra Laws.

The song is performed by LL Cool J, a well-known old school rapper who is also good at mellow rapping.

Jennifer also sings like Diana Ross in this song.

The image in this song may be a little different from her public image.

In writing this article, I read her Wikipedia page.

It says that she is “selfish” and that she is “famous for her flamboyant relationships with men.

I feel a little sorry for her when people say that.

In this song, she plays a woman who is still in love with a man, but is trying to be skinny and let him go.


No.9「On the Floor(featuring Pitbull)」(Album:Love?)


■Song Title:On the Floor(featuring Pitbull)
■Album Name:Love?
■Video link:「On the Floor(featuring Pitbull)」

This is the song I was most unsure whether to include this time.

In recent years, her songs seem to be more flamboyant.

Other than this song, “Baila Conmigo” is in the same vein, and it’s also great.

In this song, the melody of Kaoma’s “Lambada” is played repeatedly over a bouncing rhythm.

I think she was of a certain age at this time.

But her power may have prevailed.

It may be difficult for stoic music fans to accept this song.

I like it, though.


No.10「A Selena Tribute: Como La Flor / Bidi Bidi Bom Bom / Amor Prohibido / I Could Fall In Love / No Me Queda Mas」


■Song Title:A Selena Tribute: Como La Flor / Bidi Bidi Bom Bom / Amor Prohibido / I Could Fall In Love / No Me Queda Mas
■Video link:「A Selena Tribute: Como La Flor / Bidi Bidi Bom Bom / Amor Prohibido / I Could Fall In Love / No Me Queda Mas」

When I was looking for another Latin song to include, I found this one.

It seems to be an unrecorded Album song, but apparently it’s a medley of Selena’s songs.

Selena is a Mexican-American female singer.

I’ve listened to some of her albums, and she is a wonderful singer.

Selena lost her life in an unfortunate incident.

I am very sorry for her untimely death.

As an actress, Jennifer once played the lead role in a movie about Selena’s life.

She sang very majestically.

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