5 songs to listen to in the New Year + 2 standard songs + 1 non-standard song

In this issue, we recommend five songs with a New Year’s theme.

We have added two standard songs and one more personal favorite for a total of eight songs.

We did not feature them simply because they are New Year’s songs, but limited ourselves to only those songs that are good.

We recommend these songs even if it is not New Year’s.

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Please understand that it may be difficult to read.

No.1:Hey Rosetta!「New Year Song」(Album:A Cup Of Kindness Yet)

1位:Hey Rosetta!「New Year Song」(Album:A Cup Of Kindness Yet)

■Artist Name:Hey Rosetta!
■Song Title:New Year Song
■Album Name:A Cup Of Kindness Yet
■Video link:Hey Rosetta!「New Year Song」

Hey Rosetta! is a Canadian indie rock band.

I put this song at #1 because it is especially exciting from the middle of the song.

It has that melody that most people probably know.

It starts off quiet, but the way it builds up to the climax of the song is great.

Listening to it over the course of the year will give you an emotional New Year’s celebration.


No.2:Taylor Swift「New Year’s Day」(Album:Reputation)

2位:Taylor Swift「New Year’s Day」(Album:Reputation)

■Artist Name:Taylor Swift
■Song Title:New Year’s Day
■Album Name:Reputation
■Video link:Taylor Swift「New Year’s Day」

You know Taylor Swift.

This song was included in the smash hit “Reputation.

She can write pop songs that sell well, but she also has great songs like this one, which are more subdued and tasteful.

Not only are the songs good, but the vocals are also a must listen.


No.3:A Great Big World「This Is the New Year」(Album:Is There Anybody Out There?)

3位:A Great Big World「This Is the New Year」(Album:Is There Anybody Out There?)

■Artist Name:A Great Big World
■Song Title:This Is the New Year
■Album Name:Is There Anybody Out There?
■Video link:A Great Big World「This Is the New Year」

A Great Big World is a duo of two men from the United States.

The song was sung in a scene of a TV drama, which caused a sensation and subsequently became a big hit.

In other words, this song brought them a new world.

It is a song that brings joy in the New Year.

Ian Axel is a good vocalist.


No.4:Kid Rock「Happy New Year」(Album:Rebel Soul)

4位:Kid Rock「Happy New Year」(Album:Rebel Soul)

■Artist Name:Kid Rock
■Song Title:Happy New Year
■Album Name:Rebel Soul
■Video link:Kid Rock「Happy New Year」

It is an American Rock song.

Kid Rock is a great example of what good old-fashioned American Rock can do.

Sometimes it is good to celebrate the New Year with a fun rockin’ song like this one.

This cheerful song shows the influence of roots music such as country and blues.


No.5:Michael Franks「The Way We Celebrate New Year’s」(Album:Watching the Snow)

5位:Michael Franks「The Way We Celebrate New Year’s」(Album:Watching the Snow)

■Artist Name:Michael Franks
■Song Title:The Way We Celebrate New Year’s
■Album Name:Watching the Snow
■Video link:Michael Franks「The Way We Celebrate New Year’s」

This selection is from Michael Franks’ “Watching the Snow”.

This album has a winter theme, although Michael Franks has a strong summer image.

However, the tune is the same as before.

This song is recommended for those who want to spend a peaceful New Year.


Hall of Fame 1:U2「New Year’s Day」(Album:War)

殿堂入り1:U2「New Year’s Day」(Album:War)

■Artist Name:U2
■Song Title:New Year’s Day
■Album Name:War
■Video link:U2「New Year’s Day」

It is a famous song that everyone remembers.

I used to ring in the New Year at a rock bar.

I still remember how moved I was when this song came on at the moment of the New Year.

There were cheers and we congratulated each other.

I am sure it will be heard around the world as we ring in the New Year again this year.


Hall of Fame 2:Abba「Happy New Year」(Album:Super Trouper)

殿堂入り2:Abba「Happy New Year」(Album:Super Trouper)

■Artist Name:Abba
■Song Title:Happy New Year
■Album Name:Super Trouper
■Video link:Abba「Happy New Year」

Along with the U2 song, it is the most famous New Year’s song.

Abba is popular for “Dancing Queen,” but there are many other good songs.

I am disappointed that they are only available on best-of albums, such as “Abba Gold”.

There are many good songs, like this one, that are not on the bests.


Other:Flat Worms「Surreal New Year」(Album:Into the Iris)

Other:Flat Worms「Surreal New Year」(Album:Into the Iris)

■Artist Name:Flat Worms
■Song Title:Surreal New Year
■Album Name:Into the Iris
■Video link:Flat Worms「Surreal New Year」

Finally, here are some songs that are quite different in tone from those mentioned so far.

It is an alternate rock New Year’s song.

Perhaps some people will not like it.

Only those who like Pixies and others should listen to it.

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