The Posies’s 10 Greatest Songs and Greatest Discs (Representative Songs and Hidden Masterpieces)

We have created a ranking of The Pogues.

The band’s music is just so appealing.

In terms of genre, I think they are often categorized as power pop.

In this article, I focused on various aspects of them.

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No.1「Solar Sister」(Album:Frosting on the Beater)


■Song Title:Solar Sister
■Album Name:Frosting on the Beater
■Video link:「Solar Sister」

This is their most famous song.

It is their most famous song.

You can’t talk about this band without listening to this song.

The guitar is the highlight of this song.

The guitar solo in particular is amazing, and you should definitely listen to it starting at 2:11.

Jon Auer’s distorted guitar takes this pop song up a notch.

It’s one of my favorite guitar solos of all time.


No.2「Daily Mutilation」(Album:Amazing Disgrace)


■Song Title:Daily Mutilation
■Album Name:Amazing Disgrace
■Video link:「Daily Mutilation」

The drums are what you need to hear in this song.

Their last album attracted a lot of attention, but there has been a change in the composition of the band since the last album.

The bass player and two drummers left the band, and the rhythm section was replaced.

However, I think this change was a good one.

I think that the contribution of Brian Young, the new member, was especially significant.

Brian Young is known for being the drummer for Fountains of Wayne.

Brian’s addition to the band gave the Paucies a sense of dynamism and dynamism.

Brian also did a great job on “Hate Song” and “Broken Record”.


No.3「I May Hate You Sometimes」(Album:Failure)


■Song Title:I May Hate You Sometimes
■Album Name:Failure
■Video link:「I May Hate You Sometimes」

They are a band, and the core members are the following two people.

Jon Auer
Ken Stringfellow

The bass and drum members vary from album to album.

In this first album, these two are the only regular members, and the other parts are treated as support members.

They met in high school and started writing songs together.

This album was recorded at home, so there is no producer.

This album was actually co-produced by the two of us.

The label is PopLlama Records.

The label is PopLlama Records, which is known as the label to which the Fastbacks and The Presidents of the United States of America belonged.


No.4「Flavor of the Month」(Album:Frosting on the Beater)


■Song Title:Flavor of the Month
■Album Name:Frosting on the Beater
■Video link:「Flavor of the Month」

This album is one of their best works.

If I had to recommend one of their albums, I would recommend this one.

I would recommend this album if I had to recommend one, especially since the first three songs are all great.

The sound of this album has changed since the last album.

This album has a different sound from the previous one, especially since the producer is Don Fleming.

Don Fleming is known for his work with Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.

He focused on the intense guitars of this band.

However, at the same time, he has kept the traditional strengths of melody intact.


No.5「Golden Blunders」(Album:Dear 23)


■Song Title:Golden Blunders
■Album Name:Dear 23
■Video link:「Golden Blunders」

This is an album with many melodic songs.

By the way, this song is covered by Ringo Starr.

Ringo Starr – Golden Blunders

Their last album “Failure” attracted a lot of attention and they were able to move to DGC Records.

DGC Records is an affiliate of Geffen Records, a major label.

This album was the first to have a producer.

And it was John Leckie.

Speaking of John Leckie, he is a famous producer known for producing The Stone Roses.

He is not a person who is good at creating intense sounds.

Instead, he is someone who can bring out the subtlety and pop.


No.6「Dream All Day」(Album:Frosting on the Beater)


■Song Title:Dream All Day
■Album Name:Frosting on the Beater
■Video link:「Dream All Day」

This is the band’s biggest hit.

It is also used as the album title of the best album “Dream All Day: The Best of The Posies”.

It has a bit of a Merseybeat feel to it.

It’s a little bit like The Hollies.

They are both co-writers, so it’s hard to tell from the credits which of them wrote which song.

However, both of them have good solo albums, and both of them are excellent songwriters.

Here are some of my favorite songs from Ken’s solo albums.

Ken Stringfellow – Down Like Me

With two excellent songwriters, there is not a dull song on their album.


No.7「Accidental Architecture」(Album:Blood/Candy)


■Song Title:Accidental Architecture
■Album Name:Blood/Candy
■Video link:「Accidental Architecture」

It is said that they are influenced by the Beatles.

Indeed, there are moments when I listen to them that remind me of the Beatles.

This song, for example, reminds me of “Strawberry Fields Forever”.

This album is their second album since they resumed their activities after the breakup.

Incidentally, “Every Kind of Light,” the first album after their resumption of activities, contains the following song.

The Posies – Love Comes

This song may also be Beatles-like.

Their latest album, “Solid States,” was also rated number one for the year by a famous power pop website.

Their albums since their resumption of activity have also been of high quality.


No.8「Please Return It」(Album:Amazing Disgrace)


■Song Title:Please Return It
■Album Name:Amazing Disgrace
■Video link:「Please Return It」

They are influenced by Big Star.

Incidentally, they have a song that covers Big Star.

The Posies – I Am The Cosmos

Many of you may not know about this song, as it is not included on the original album, and can only be heard on the best-of album.

In fact, they were both members of Big Star when they reunited.

This album was the follow-up to their first album “Frosting on the Beater”, but it was not produced by Don Fleming.

The album was not produced by Don Fleming and sales were slow and they lost their contract with DGC Records.


No.9「The Longest Line」(Album:Failure)


■Song Title:The Longest Line
■Album Name:Failure
■Video link:「The Longest Line」

This first album has a unique charm.

You might feel like you are listening to a demo of a great work.

It’s almost like a British band from Creation Records.

The sense of naming their debut album “Failure” is also very British.

At that time, they were not yet 20 years old.

They were not yet 20 years old, so they were not yet mature, but their talent for songwriting seemed to be outstanding from the beginning.


No.10「Fall Apart With Me」(Album:Success)


■Song Title:Fall Apart With Me
■Album Name:Success
■Video link:「Fall Apart With Me」

They couldn’t keep their contract with a major label and returned to their former label, PopLlama Records.

Incidentally, the titles of their first album and the last album before they stopped their activities are as follows.

Debut album: Failure
Last album of the first period: Success

In other words, they started with failure and ended with success.

They announced that they were going to stop their activities, but it seems that they were practically close to breaking up.

This song was selected from the last album of the first period, “Success”.

I think it’s a great song that strikes a chord with its earnestness.

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