The Rolling Stones’s 20 Greatest Songs and Greatest Discs (Representative Songs and Hidden Masterpieces)

In this article, we have created a ranking of the Rolling Stones.

They are a band that represents the music of rock.

This review is based on the UK version of each album.

Also, please note that the video introduced here may be different from the Album version.

This blog is an automatic translation of a Japanese blog into English.

Please understand that it may be difficult to read.


No.1「Street Fighting Man」(Album:Beggars Banquet)


■Song Title:Street Fighting Man
■Album Name:Beggars Banquet
■Video link:「Street Fighting Man」

Even before this album, they were a popular band.

Every album since their debut has been in the top three of the album charts.

Their last album was “Their Satanic Majesties Request”.

The previous album was “Their Satanic Majesties Request”, a psychedelic concept album that was popular at the time, but the fans were disappointed.

The fans wanted a rougher sound like “Out of Our Heads” or “Aftermath”.

But then they started to show their true potential from this album.

This song is all acoustic except for the bass.

Even though the band is almost unplugged, it doesn’t sound like an acoustic band at all.

This is the kind of overwhelming intimidation that can overpower a band with other electric instruments with an acoustic composition.

It’s like overpowering an opponent with a weapon with your bare hands.

From that time on, they were able to distinguish themselves from other bands.


No.2「She’s a Rainbow」(Album:Their Satanic Majesties Request)


■Song Title:She’s a Rainbow
■Album Name:Their Satanic Majesties Request
■Video link:「She’s a Rainbow」

The two main players in this song are as follows

John Paul Jones: string arrangement
Nicky Hopkins: Piano

At the time, Nicky Hopkins was a popular session player.

Nicky Hopkins was a popular session player at the time, and he participated in the recording of the Stones and all of the “big four” British bands: The Beatles, The Kinks, and The Who.

The songs themselves may be great.

But here Nicky is doing the definitive work.

In this period, they sometimes had cute songs like this.

Here’s a song called “Connection” from “Between the Buttons” from the same period.

The Rolling Stones – Connection

This is my personal favorite song.


No.3「Tumbling Dice」(Album:Exile on Main St.)


■Song Title:Tumbling Dice
■Album Name:Exile on Main St.
■Video link:「Tumbling Dice」

This song features a loose rhythm created by Keith’s guitar and a gospel-like female chorus.

The call-and-response between the guitar and the female chorus at 2:29 is a wonderful development.

This album is influenced by Swamp Rock.

However, the guitar playing on this song is more laid back than most American bands.

Keith was on a roll at this time.

Here is one of Keith’s vocal songs.

The Rolling Stones – Happy

The whole album is like a live performance even though it is a studio recording.


No.4「Sympathy for the Devil」(Album:Beggars Banquet)


■Song Title:Sympathy for the Devil
■Album Name:Beggars Banquet
■Video link:「Sympathy for the Devil」

This is an Afro-samba song, which is unusual for them.

In their songs, Keith’s guitar riffs are the center of the sound.

However, Keith doesn’t play any riffs in this song.

Instead, the song is led by Rocky Dijon’s congas and Nicky Hopkins’ piano.

As Nicky Hopkins recalled later in life, “It’s a great song.

Nicky Hopkins liked his piano playing on this song so much that he even said it was “one of the top five plays of my lifetime” (in an interview published in “Record Collectors” in February 1995).

悪魔を憐れむ歌 ウィキペディア

Keith, on the other hand, is responsible for the bass and guitar solos.

Keith was not satisfied with Bill Wyman’s playing, so Keith played bass instead.

This song was written by Mick, but Keith suggested some ideas for the rhythm side of the song.

The song was originally written like this.

The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil

Mick and Keith are known as the “Jaggar-Richards” or “The Glimmer Twins”.

This classic song was born from the chemistry between the two.


No.5「Hot Stuff」(Album:Black And Blue)


■Song Title:Hot Stuff
■Album Name:Black And Blue
■Video link:「Hot Stuff」

In 1974, guitarist Mick Taylor left the band.

Therefore, the recording of this album became an audition to select a new guitarist.

At the time, the event was called the “Great Guitarist Hunt” and was a big hit.

It is said that many famous guitarists participated in this contest.

In the end, the following three guitarists are listed in the Album credits.

・Harvey Mandel
・Wayne Perkins
・Ronnie Wood

Incidentally, Harvey Mandel plays guitar on “Hot Stuff”.

Ron, on the other hand, played on two songs, “Cherry Oh Baby” and “Hey Negrita”.

The band chose Ron, a long time acquaintance, as a new member.


No.6「Time Waits for No One」(Album:It’s Only Rock’n Roll)


■Song Title:Time Waits for No One
■Album Name:It’s Only Rock’n Roll
■Video link:「Time Waits for No One」

When I was in college, I had a part-time job at a record store.

Many of the customers there were music experts, and I was no match for them in either knowledge or understanding.

One day, I became friends with a regular who was a Stones addict.

He told me about the appeal of pirated Stones records.

He told me that anyone who says “Angie” from “Goats Head Soup” is their signature song doesn’t understand the Stones.

Here’s the link.

The Rolling Stones – Angie

At the time I liked the song, but I couldn’t say I liked it.

It’s been a long time since I lost touch with that person.

But what would he say if he knew that I, his student, had chosen “Time Waits for No One”?

Would he be happy that Mick Taylor’s guitar is so good that he deserves it?


No.7「Beast of Burden」(Album:Some Girls)


■Song Title:Beast of Burden
■Album Name:Some Girls
■Video link:「Beast of Burden」

After the intro guitar, Charlie Watts’ drumming is wonderful.

Like “Tumbling Dice,” it’s a laid-back song.

I think Mick and Keith have a slightly different sense of rhythm.

I feel that Mick’s rhythms are more disco and sticky, like in the song “Neighbours”.

Keith, on the other hand, has a more relaxed funk and laid back feel to him.

Of course, I don’t think there is a clear distinction, but at least this song feels like Keith.

I think the fact that they were two different types of people makes their music more appealing.


No.8「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」(Album:Let It Bleed)


■Song Title:You Can’t Always Get What You Want
■Album Name:Let It Bleed
■Video link:「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」

More than its length of seven and a half minutes, this song gives us a sense of scale.

Magnificent chorus by the prestigious London Bach Choir.

Three strong female chorus members, Madeline Bell, Doris Troy, and Nanette Newman.

Piano and organ by Al Kooper.

The lyrics of this song are also wonderful.

They may have many lyrics that are derogatory or violent.

But sometimes they have really great lyrics.

I used to buy their lyrics books and read them while listening to the songs.

I used to buy their lyric books and read them while listening to their songs, especially the lyrics to this song, “As Tears Go By” and “It’s Only Rock’n Roll”, which I read over and over again.

Reading the lyrics, you can see that they are not just bad boy rock.


No.9「Terrifying」(Album:Steel Wheels)


■Song Title:Terrifying
■Album Name:Steel Wheels
■Video link:「Terrifying」

The riffs in this song are the best part.

It is often said that Keith’s guitar is strongly influenced by Chuck Berry.

It’s true that there are many riffs that show the influence of Chuck Berry.

However, there are many riffs that cannot be identified as being influenced by anyone.

This is one such song.

Guitar riffs are like the backbone of old rock.

However, when this song was released in 1991, the riff patterns may have been exhausted.

In 1991, when this song was released, riff patterns may have been all over the place, and moreover, it was no longer the time to compete with riffs.

But in such a situation, Keith released a song with a great riff like this.


No.10「Jumpin’ Jack Flash」(Album:Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2))


■Song Title:Jumpin’ Jack Flash
■Album Name:Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)
■Video link:「Jumpin’ Jack Flash」

The Stones have a lot of great songs that are not on the album, and I used to check them out on this compilation.

This song is a great example of the Stones as a band.

If someone asked me what kind of band the Stones were, I would play them this song.

The Japanese bands called Stones followers also seem to be strongly influenced by this area.

Among them, my favorite is Street Sliders.

THE STREET SLIDERS – Boys Jump The Midnight

If you like the Stones, you’ll love this band.


No.11「Waiting on a Friend」(Album:Tattoo You)


■Song Title:Waiting on a Friend
■Album Name:Tattoo You
■Video link:「Waiting on a Friend」

At the time of this recording, Mick asked Charlie Watts who was the best saxophonist in the world.

Charlie said Sonny Rollins.

At that time, Charlie thought there was no way he could call him.

Rollins was not a session player, and he was not someone you could just casually call.

But when Charlie went to the studio later, he was surprised to find Rollins there.

In this song, Rollins starts playing at 3:27.

But I am also a Rollins fan.

But I am also a Rollins fan, and from that standpoint, I can’t say that this song adequately expresses the greatness of Rollins.

If you want to experience the greatness of the world’s greatest saxophonist, please listen to the first song in the following ranking.

Sonny Rollin’s 10 Greatest Songs and Greatest Discs (Representative Songs and Hidden Masterpieces)


No.12「Brown Sugar」(Album:Sticky Fingers)


■Song Title:Brown Sugar
■Album Name:Sticky Fingers
■Video link:「Brown Sugar」

This album is the first release from Rolling Stones Records.

However, this label was not running a full-fledged label, only signing Peter Tosh.

For Peter Tosh, I wrote the following ranking article.

Tosh’s songs that fascinated both Mick and Keith can be found below.

Peter Tosh’s 10 Greatest Songs and Greatest Discs (Representative Songs and Hidden Masterpieces)

Their previous affiliation was with Decca Records.

Decca claimed the right to release one more single.

In response, the band offered a song titled “Cocksucker Blues”.

This was not a song title that could be released.

It was probably a harassment.

Here is one more song from this album.

The Rolling Stones – Bitch

There is also a problem with the Song Title.


No.13「Gimme Shelter」(Album:Let It Bleed)


■Song Title:Gimme Shelter
■Album Name:Let It Bleed
■Video link:「Gimme Shelter」

The most famous part of their black history is the Altamont Free Concert.

On December 6, 1969, the band held a free concert as a Christmas present for their fans.

It was held at the Altamont Speedway in California.

The American bikers’ group, Health Angel, was in charge of security.

However, due to lack of preparation, some of the 200,000 or 500,000 people in attendance began to run amok.

Finally, a man pointed a gun at the band on stage.

The man was killed by security personnel.

The incident was a reminder that the idea that enjoying music together is a symbol of peace was an illusion.

The incident was later shown in the documentary film “Gimme Shelter.

Merry Clayton’s chorus adds to the urgency of this song.


No.14「Ruby Tuesday」(Album:Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2))


■Song Title:Ruby Tuesday
■Album Name:Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)
■Video link:「Ruby Tuesday」

If you look into the history of rock music, you will find that women are sometimes highlighted.

Patti Boyd was the model for Eric Clapton’s classic song “Layla”.

There is also Jerry Hall, who Mick Jagger plundered from Bryan Ferry and later became Mick’s wife.

There is an episode of that kind in this song.

At that time, Keith had a girlfriend named Linda Keith.

At the time, Keith had a girlfriend named Linda Keith, but Keith was very busy, and they kept crossing paths.

In the meantime, Linda had started dating Jimi Hendrix.

In response, Keith wrote this song.

Keith said goodbye to Linda with this song.

However, I believe Keith was also dating Anita Pallenberg at the time.


No.15「Paint It, Black」(Album:Singles Collection: The London Years)


■Song Title:Paint It, Black
■Album Name:Singles Collection: The London Years
■Video link:「Paint It, Black」

The band was initially led by Brian Jones.

Brian played a central role in the early years.

He was especially talented in blues guitar and played many great songs such as “Little Red Rooster”.

In this ranking, I chose to include more songs from the middle period.

However, there are those who say that the early songs are the best.

I prefer the later live versions of the famous early songs.

I also like the version of “Under My Thumb” from the Still Life American Concert 1981 better.

But for this song and “Satisfaction,” I think the early versions are great.

As for “Satisfaction”, I’ll just post a link.

The Rolling Stones – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Now, as for “Paint It, Black,” Brian’s sitar is something to listen to.

The later versions don’t have the sitar, so I’m always missing that.


No.16「Before They Make Me Run」(Album:Some Girls)


■Song Title:Before They Make Me Run
■Album Name:Some Girls
■Video link:「Before They Make Me Run」

At that time, Keith’s drug addiction was getting worse.

In 1977, he was found by Canadian police in possession of a large amount of heroin and was arrested.

This incident is known as the “Toronto Incident.

Due to the large amount of heroin in his possession, it was expected that in the worst case, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

However, the actual sentence was as follows.

Chaz was given a lenient sentence of probation in a Toronto court on condition that he perform a charity concert for the Canadian Association for the Blind.

女たち (Album) ウィキペディア

At that time, Keith was supporting a blind girl.

The girl was worried about Keith’s arrest, so she went to the judge in the case and pleaded hard to get the charges dropped.

This is said to have influenced the judge’s decision.

After that, Keith wrote this song as a statement of his determination to overcome his drug addiction.


No.17「Emotional Rescue」(Album:Emotional Rescue)


■Song Title:Emotional Rescue
■Album Name:Emotional Rescue
■Video link:「Emotional Rescue」

This is a disco number with Mick’s impressive falsetto vocals.

It was probably influenced by the hit single “Miss You” on the previous album.

Mick is known as one of the best vocalists in rock history.

His vocals are often described as sexy, but he is just so expressive, and these falsetto songs are wonderful.

The bass is unusually prominent in this song, but it is played by Ron Wood.

Bill Wyman is a talented musician as far as his solo career is concerned.

However, it is hard to see his contribution to the Stones, especially at the end of his tenure, when the number of songs he participated in recording was drastically reduced.

Bill, who was seven years older than Mick and Keith, was so quiet that he was called the “Silent Stone,” and was not very prominent.

In 1993, Bill finally left the band and was replaced by Darryl Jones as a supporting member.


No.18「Little T&A」(Album:Tattoo You)


■Song Title:Little T&A
■Album Name:Tattoo You
■Video link:「Little T&A」

The most famous song on this album is “Start Me Up”.

Here’s a link to it.

The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

However, I like “Little T&A” better.

It’s a typical B-grade song, but I think it’s very Stonesy.

During this period, the relationship between Mick and Keith was deteriorating.

Because of this, recording did not proceed, and the album ended up being mainly remakes of past songs.

In other words, this album is more like a collection of unreleased songs.

However, the songs on this album are all wonderful, and I think they are even better than the previous album.


No.19「Shine a Light」(Album:Exile on Main St.)


■Song Title:Shine a Light
■Album Name:Exile on Main St.
■Video link:「Shine a Light」

The Stones’ music is a blend of many different genres.

Country, reggae, blues, swamp rock, soul, gospel, disco, funk, the list goes on and on.

This album, in particular, gives me a sense of the omnivorous nature of the original rock and roll.

The album cover is a collage of various photos, and while each photo is a bit odd, the overall effect is wonderful.

Sometimes they put a slightly different type of song on the B-side of the record.

When I talk to Stones fans, we often talk about the B-sides of their albums.

They say that their B-sides are a treasure trove of songs.

The interesting thing about this album may be that it expands on the B-side aspect of the album.

The following songs and songs like “All Down the Line” shine in such songs.

The Rolling Stones – Rocks Off

The song “Shine a Light” was co-written by Mick and Leon Russell, with producer Jimmy Miller playing the drums.


No.20「Dirty Work」(Album:Dirty Work)


■Song Title:Dirty Work
■Album Name:Dirty Work
■Video link:「Dirty Work」

They are sometimes referred to as “the greatest rock band of all time.

In my opinion, there are three bands that deserve to be called that.

The Beatles

And the Stones.

The Stones may be the band that best fits the term “rock” out of the above.

I think the real greatness of the Rolling Stones is their continuity in producing excellent music.

It is said that they were past their prime by the time this album was released, but there is still a song like this on the B-side.

There is a bit of a dub-like treatment at the end, but this was a unique feature of this period.

If you like that, listen to “Undercover of the Night” below.

The Rolling Stones – Undercover of the Night

Now, lastly, about them at present.

As for Album, 2016’s “Blue & Lonesome” is the latest one at the moment.

Charlie Watts has passed away, but there seems to be no talk of breaking up.

I will continue to wait for their new album.

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