Soft Rock’s 10 Greatest Songs and Greatest Discs (Representative Songs and Hidden Masterpieces)

In this issue, we have created a ranking of soft locks.

However, we have excluded those who plan to write stand-alone ranking articles.

The definition of “soft rock” varies from person to person.

My own interpretation is that soft rock is pop music from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, with an emphasis on harmony and melody.

Please listen to some of the best soft rock songs.

This blog is an automatic translation of a Japanese blog into English.

Please understand that it may be difficult to read.


No.1 Bruce & Terry「Look Who’s Laughing Now」(Album:The Best Of Bruce & Terry)


■Artist Name:Bruce & Terry
■Song Title:Look Who’s Laughing Now
■Album Name:The Best Of Bruce & Terry
■Video link:Bruce & Terry「Look Who’s Laughing Now」

Bruce” refers to Bruce Johnstone and “Terry” refers to Terry Melcher.

Bruce Johnstone later joined The Beach Boys.

Terry Melcher never became a member of The Beach Boys.

However, he later participated in the creation of the song “Kokomo”.

Like many Beach Boys songs, this song has the feel of a summer song.

No.2 Best of Friends(Joe & Bing)「Sail(Sailing)」(Album:Daybreak)


■Artist Name:Best of Friends(Joe & Bing)
■Song Title:Sail(Sailing)
■Album Name:Daybreak
■Video link:Best of Friends(Joe & Bing)「Sail(Sailing)」

They are Joseph Knowlton and William Bingham, who later became Joe & Bingham.

Some call them “Best of Friends,” others call them “Joe & Bing.

Their song title is “Sail,” but some people call them “Sailing.

This song sounds very Brazilian, doesn’t it?

It may be because of Eumir Deodato’s participation in the arrangement.


No.3 Twinn Connection「Foolin’ Around」(Album:Twinn Connection)


■Artist Name:Twinn Connection
■Song Title:Foolin’ Around
■Album Name:Twinn Connection
■Video link:Twinn Connection「Foolin’ Around」

They are Jerry Hopkins and Jay Hopkins, a twin duo.

And as you can see from their jackets, they are identical twins.

In fact, they have already released another album called “Songs from the Heart,” which is a collection of 1960s recordings.

The label is Korean-affiliated Big Pink Music.

Now, this Album contains many great songs other than this one.

The vocals are not so good.

If you don’t mind that, please listen to the album.


No.4 The Happenings「Crazy Rhythm」(Album:Greatest Golden Hits)


■Artist Name:The Happenings
■Song Title:Crazy Rhythm
■Album Name:Greatest Golden Hits
■Video link:The Happenings「Crazy Rhythm」

Soft rock includes chorus groups.

This band was popular in Japan at the time with their hit “See You In September”.

Please note that even though this song is a single, some best-of albums do not include it.

The chorus in the high notes is wonderful.

The horn arrangement is also worth listening to.


No.5 Bobby Hebb「Love, Love, Love」(Album:Sunny)


■Artist Name:Bobby Hebb
■Song Title:Love, Love, Love
■Album Name:Sunny
■Video link:Bobby Hebb「Love, Love, Love」

Some might consider this and other songs Northern Soul.

The reason I am presenting this song as soft rock is because the producer is Jerry Ross.

Jerry Ross is also a producer of soft rock artists such as Keith.

Arranger Joe Renzetti does a great job on this song.


No.6 Salt Water Taffy「Finders Keepers」(Album:Finders Keepers)


■Artist Name:Salt Water Taffy
■Song Title:Finders Keepers
■Album Name:Finders Keepers
■Video link:Salt Water Taffy「Finders Keepers」

The songs written by leader Rod McBrien are all dreamy, pop classics.

Rod worked as an engineer for Innocence and The Trade Winds before releasing this album.

Buddah Records is a famous bubblegum pop label.

The name of the group, “Salt Water Taffy,” also sounds like bubblegum.


No.7 Doris「You Made A Fool Of Me」(Album:Did You Give The World Some Love Today Baby)


■Artist Name:Doris
■Song Title:You Made A Fool Of Me
■Album Name:Did You Give The World Some Love Today Baby
■Video link:Doris「You Made A Fool Of Me」

This song is by Swedish female singer Doris Svensson.

First of all, it attracts me at the intro stage.

The rest of the song is a bit spiritual from about the 40-second mark.

Sweden has other singers of this kind, such as Lynn Marino, famous for “The Frank Cunimondo Trio Introducing Lynn Marino,” and Lisa Ekdahl.


No.8 Orpheus「I’ve Never Seen Love Like This」(Album:The Best of Orpheus)


■Artist Name:Orpheus
■Song Title:I’ve Never Seen Love Like This
■Album Name:The Best of Orpheus
■Video link:Orpheus「I’ve Never Seen Love Like This」

This group has been described as a folk or psychedelic group.

They are a band formed from the development of The Villagers, a group led by Bruce Arnold.

Later, they met an arranger named Alan Lorber, who had started a psychedelic group, and established their musical style.

The vocalist is a bit like B.J. Thomas.


No.9 The Love Affair「Everlasting Love」(Album:The Everlasting Love Affair)


■Artist Name:The Love Affair
■Song Title:Everlasting Love
■Album Name:The Everlasting Love Affair
■Video link:The Love Affair「Everlasting Love」

This song was originally very well known to those who dig 1960s rock.

The original song is Robert Knight’s version.

I’ll post a link to that one as well.

Robert Knight – Everlasting Love

Here is another one for you.

Carl Carlton- Everlasting Love

When a song is this good, it is understandable why it is covered over and over again.


No.10 Bobbie’s Rockin’ Chair「Young Friends」(Album:Young Friends)

bobbie's-rockin' chair-young

■Artist Name:Bobbie’s Rockin’ Chair
■Song Title:Young Friends
■Album Name:Young Friends
■Video link:Bobbie’s Rockin’ Chair「Young Friends」

Finally, let’s take a look at some Japanese soft rock songs.

This Album was released in 1997.

Although it falls outside of the conditions I defined earlier, this mini-album can only be described as soft rock.

All of the five songs in this miniAlbum are all soft rock songs that convey the charm of soft rock.

Incidentally, this song is the same as “…” released in 2006. Like nothing else you ever tasted” album released in 2006.

It is already hard to find, so you might want to buy it if you find it.

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